Water, Water everywhere- Follow the Money

Kathryn  Kennedy has been reading   and doing the numbers. Once again sharing the reporting from the Face Book page https://www.facebook.com/groups/564407974518417    so   readers can share and information doesnt get lost in the  scroll down.


JANUARY 14, 2021


Kathryn Kennedy  posted on City  of Lorain Politics Page all kinds of detail from the recent Performance Audit completed by the State Auditors.
  1. Lorain has relied on borrowing money to fund projects rather than paying for projects as they are completed – or using grants. This increases expenses (interest) – and leads to higher utility rates.
  2. Water sewer is overstaffed by 14 employees compared to peer cities. Reducing staff would decrease expenses by $1 million – this could be a larger number with the recent 2021 longevity pay. Reducing staff would decrease overall expenses which would reduce rates.
  3. Lorain could use ARPA relief money for water sewer projects which would reduce rates for customers. Lorain received $32.5 million. Have not heard that it will be used for this purpose.
  4. https://www.brown.senate.gov/…/brown-water… $30 million awarded. How/where will this be used?
  5. Lorain doesn’t use full capacity of water treatment plant. Would make sense to partner with other cities to use at full capacity. Would decrease costs to all customers. Could also look at becoming part of a regional water group (Avon Lake has capacity) to keep costs down for customers.
  6. An analysis needs to be completed to determine what rates should be without overburdening customers and accumulating large cash balances. This includes a reserve fund (like a fall back savings account if needed). Data collected now does not support this goal.
  7. The city needs a formal capital improvement plan. (Thought there was one – or more – done in the past?)
The mayor guides city policy. But, council members have to approve much of this through the budget, etc. We shall see what they do – and if they have any questions or push back for the Sewer Water Advisory Board. The meeting is Monday evening. 
Copy of the performance audit for water/sewer for you reading pleasure. Bradley response and SWAB recommendations (Sewer Water Advisory Board)
SWAB ( Sewer Water Advisory  Board) report
SWAB recommendations
Page 8 of State Performance Audit.
Lorain collects revenues far in excess of expenses. And, compared to other cities. At the end of 2020, there was $44 million in cash on the balance sheet.
Expenses are greater in Lorain than peer cities – in all categories. Instead of using the extra cash collected to pay for projects as they are completed, the city has taken out loans – which means they are also paying more in interest charges than if they used the cash.
Also of interest on this page – the treatment plant is operated at 38 percent capacity.
Similar comments as original post for wastewater. Page 14 of audit report
PAGE 9 of Audit report 
Page 9 of audit.
Recommendation to eliminate 6.5 full time positions from water treatment and distribution. SWAB recommends keeping these positions. One of the reasons the city expenses are higher than peer cities.
Support for reducing staff – Lorain treats less water per Operator and maintains less square footage.
Pages 10 and 11 of audit report.
SWAB does not recommend reducing staff.
Recommendation to improve billing data collection system in order to accurately assign future water sewer rates across customer classes.  ” Audit” 
SWAB doesn’t address this issue.
To  be continued…………….
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Financials: Just the facts- City of Lorain

 NOTE: Loraine Ritchey :

In the ongoing HOPE to  hold acountable the City  of Lorain  to  the residents of Lorain, by  sharing situations discussed on City  of Lorain Politics  Face Book  page.


Kathryn Kennedy,  has explored  what goes out  in the costs of Lorain’s workforce in language even those of us who  can’t balance a check book can understand.

Art Work Scott Bakalar

Updated wage information. By year, total wages, increase in wages (from one year to the next), percent increase.
2018 ………….29,079,459.94
2019…………. 30,075,534.59………. 996,074.65 0.03
2020.…………. 31,377,704.69……… 1,302,170.10 0.04
2021…………… 35,416,141.10……… 4,038,436.41 0.13
For Police and Fire, overtime may be included.
Fire received $7,500 and
Police received $6,500 in relief funds for essential workers.
Other things to consider:
 (1) An employee may have applied for a different position where the pay rate is higher than the old position.
(2) An employee may have gone from part-time to full-time or vice-versa.
(3) Some of the increase may be due to the longevity pay increases given in 2021. 1% for each year of service up to 20% for 20 years. Credit also given for time worked outside the city in a similar position.
This doesn’t include benefits or retirement. It could include sick time or vacation time bought back. Also severance pay.
Council has a wage study out right now for non-union employees – to compare wages with other cities.
Wages at this level, without increases to revenues, may be unsustainable without future levies.
And, a reason why the city has no or few other services – parks, recreation, etc.
The mayor approved of and Council voted for these increases.
I alphabetized the employees by name. You can use find in the excel spreadsheet to search by name – or just scroll through.
If anything looks odd, please ask and I’ll see if I can get an answer Kathryn Kennedy ( you  can contact Kathryn through  this blog) 
Financial File Link   found below  click on link ( blue)  ..
Please note  2018 and 2019 were the wages under the Ritenauer Administration … 2020- 2021  are the costs under the Bradley Administration 
Also , we have  the other part of the equation that of the finacials of the residents of Lorain.
Note:  with  the Covid Years we have had in 2020- 2021 you  know those numbers have in all likelyhood  changed and not for the better. 

 Kathryn Kennedy :

Reformatted the wage spreadsheet.
Median income in the city – $36,139.
Highlighted in red – four times median income. Orange – three times median income. Yellow – two times median income. Green – above median income. No highlighting – below median income.
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UPTON’s replies to  Kathryn Kennedy’s concerns in bold and Italics!!!!

Original  PDF format found here

Stove Works response

Max Upton, MPA
Building Housing and Planning
(o) 440-204-2085
(c) 440-714-0766
“If you stand for nothing, what will you fall for”

ED NOTE: the quote a favourite “saying” of Max Upton

Kathryn Kennedy  writes:

Please note I requested a copy of this information on November 22 and did not receive
it until 4:05 on November 29, 2021, just 25-minutes prior to the scheduled meeting on this issue.

Clearly, I could not review and comment on this information given a 25-minute window.

And, I might note, it is more than disingenuous of you to note, in the documents you forwarded to me by email, that you had received no requests or comments to the application. It’s also concerning that the information to request said information was not in theMorning Journal until November 21, 2021, when the comment period, I believe, was for the month prior to submission of the application.

Cleaning up any blight in Lorain is obviously beneficial, so I don’t have any issues withthe actual clean up of the property but would like clarification of the issues, below.

Photo Kristen Bauer  Chronicle Telegram

My main concern is whether the city has the significant experience in Brownfield revitalization that is noted, but not detailed, in the application.

If the St. Joe’s demolition is any indication of the expertise of the Building and Housing Department, it might be beneficial to hold off on this project until such time there is a much stronger presence

Additionally, there have been many projects in Lorain that have been started and discarded, thereby wasting taxpayer money when the city goes off in a different direction.

I would hope if taxpayer money is to be spent on this project that all the appropriate planning to see the project to completion has been completed and approved.

I have the following comments and can provide this information to the Ohio EPA if you provide a contact (since it is my understanding the application will be sent today):

Questions related to the documents received:


A quick review of the information notes there are inconsistencies between the documents. It’s clear there is soil contamination but the documents are not consistent regarding the groundwater contamination.

UPTON REPLIES:  There is no groundwater contamination on site.


It appears there are 5 parcels owned by Old Lake Properties LLC. Would all these parcels be included in the future acquisition of what is referred to as the Stove Works – Eastern parcel or is there only one parcel involved as noted in the documents?

Since it appears this Eastern parcel will be included in the overall project, would it not be appropriate to have a Phase I and Phase II review completed before starting on remediation of the Western parcel?It would be unfortunate if the project could not be completed based on any unforeseen issues on the Eastern parcel. What funds will be used for the Eastern parcel – and what will happen with the development if adequatefunds are not received or if the Eastern parcel cannot be developed?

UPTON REPLIES: The City of Lorain will be applying for funding under the state of Ohio brownfields program in early 2022 for the clean-up of the parcel


Your statement in the documents (highlighted in yellow and attached) that no requests were received for the documents is untrue. I requested the information on November 22 and you replied on November 29. As noted above, I received the information at 4:05 which did not give adequate time for review prior to the meeting at4:30:

UPTON REPLIES : That is a draft document that was sent you request for the document will be reflected in the final submission.


The document notes that the properties will be safe. This area of town is one of the most dangerous. How will residents be kept safe? There are 17 percent of properties in this area that are vacant which presents significant safety issues for anyone living in the neighborhood. When will these properties be torn down?

UPTON REPLIES :I am not sure that will be torn
down. The City of Lorain is working on a PILOT program for housing rehabilitation called our dollar home program and we will be focusing HOME investment partnership rehab program marketing in that neighborhood in advance of the project. We are also working on sidewalk improvements as well as park improvements to the adjacent parks.


Does the city have funding to complete the remediation? It’s unclear from conflicting comments in the documents. How many bids were received for the remediationwork? Was the best/low cost bid selected?

UPTON REPLIES :There were no bids solicited, we have an
opinion of probable costs from TRC Environmental, the firm that completed the phase II  study and remedial action plan. That’s what the cost estimates were based off of.



The documents state that City of Lorain officials will manage this project and will put their SIGNIFICANT experience in Brownfield revitalization to overseeing and implementing the remediation. What specific experience do City officials have? Have
resumes been included in the application?

UPTON REPLIES :Sanford Washington owned and operated anenvironmental services firm for a number of years. With specific experience in hazardous wastes and contaminated sites.

I [Max Upton] have significant experience with the development of brownfield sites. The day to day oversight of the remediation will be done by a certified environmental professional that will be paid for out of grant funding.

OH- HER – AGAIN : NOTES: I have looked into  the operating of an enviromental firm  registered by Mr. . Washington. I  can find none but he has run a business since  1997 : see application for SWJ Enterprises  description :  I would  personally  like more details as to  Mr. Washingtons ” enviromental services ”  His Linkedin Page states:


Safety Service DirectorCity of Lorain, Ohio – Present1 year 7 months

  • Owner/PresidentSWJ Enterprises Inc. – Present28 years 11 months

  • AdministratorOur Lady of the Wayside – 6 years 2 months Avon, Ohio

    Administrator over Behavior Support Services & Respite Care

  • Administrator

    Echoing Hills Village, Inc.

     – 11 years 6 months

    Nowhere does his resume  concur with  Upton’s statement :


What final tests will be performed to ensure the property is suitable/healthy for residential construction and for use as park land?

UPTON REPLIES: The City of Lorain will go through the Ohio voluntary action plan administered by the Ohio EPA and will have covenants in place certifying that the land is safe for residential use prior to the redevelopment.

8. The documents note that Lorain determined the asbestos was abated after removalin 2018. Was this independently verified? Since the cost of the remediation will be affected by this answer, independent verification would be appropriate.



Why is more park area being developed, including a few pocket properties on this land, when the city cannot maintain the more than 50 parks currently in the city? What funds will be used to maintain these parks going forward?

UPTON REPLIES: This is based off of the conceptual site plan that Lorain City Council approved back in June that showed public
open space.


There are currently unpaid taxes on the property – $39,247.51. Total taxes owed – $41,491.31. Why are taxes not current?

UPTON REPLIES: I do not have an answer at this point in time.


30% or less of the median income for the owner-occupied homes will total $500 or less. Does that $500 include PITI? (Standard PITI – 28%/36%) Will the City handle the
mortgages –and mortgage payments? How will the City make sure mortgage holders can actually pay off a home? It is unfair to give someone hope of home ownership if they truly can’t afford to make the payments long-term.

Will there be tax abatements onthe properties? Will the city have to subsidize these properties? For how many years? From where will the funds (subsidies) be derived? Will there be a large, upfront investment from the City to support this project – and make the homes affordable? From where will that money be derived? Has a developer been selected? Does anyone in City administration/council/employee have any connection/taken any campaign contributions from said developers?

UPTON REPLIES :We have not solicited developers at this point in time. The goal of the project is the development of
affordable for sale housing. This is the first step in the process. We are likely a year or more away from
having a clean site to take to market.

There are a number of factors that will go into what the structure
of the project looks like at that time.

The City of Lorain does currently run a down payment assistance program and the development of housing is an eligible us of HUD funding. All of which requires various federal regulations to be applied with respect to affordability all of which would be considered under
future action plans. There has not been a developer selected at this point in time.


Is the city in a position to manage residential properties? No, the city does not
manage any occupied real estate at this time. (Said another way, should the city be in
the business of property management and real estate development?)

UPTON REPLIES : No, the city does not manage any occupied real estate at this time
Will additional employees need to hired?



(Since the City personnel costs total about
80% of general fund costs, there is no additional funding available to cover additional

Are there other properties the city is handling currently? What is the condition of these
properties? What issues have been encountered? What have the losses been on any
of these properties?

UPTON REPLIES :The City of Lorain, through its administration of various federalprograms owns a number of parcels throughout the City of Lorain. A good majority of them are vacant land.

 14.Would it be better to sell the property to the developer – and allow them to manage the
property – from a risk and management perspective?

UPTON REPLIES :I think that is something that will
be considered once the site is clean and “shovel ready”. 


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Letter to the Civil Service Commission Part 1.

NOTE: This letter was 28 pages (  with  documentation ) and 5208 words ( hopefully  not too many  typos)  I have decided to  divide into  three parts  on this blog due to  its length.  The letter was sent to  the Lorain Civil Service Commission,  and various people within and without the city  and county  of Lorain.

Basically  this is my  reasoning, based upon the documentation obtained through  public records requests and events that  I believe are detrimental to the taxpayers of the City  of Lorain and Lorain County, as to  why  Mr. Max Upton should not be appointed to  the permanent position of Director of Building Housing and Planning.


Lorain Civil Service Commission:                                                         November 29 2021

For the attention of Rosemary Maffei

Dear Commission President Victor Takacs and fellow Commissioners,

REF: Appointment of Mr. Maximillian Upton to the position of Director of the Building Housing and Planning

By way of introduction, for those members who do not know me, my name is Loraine Ritchey.  I have, been very involved, one way or another with this City of Lorain for over 50 years. I started this journey   after coming to Lorain from London England, with the Lorain Place Civic Center Committee to save the Lorain Palace Theatre. My advocacy, to try to make a difference in Lorain started with   Mayor Zahorec’s Administration in 1978 and has continued through all administrations until the present day.

During that time I was the co – founder of Charleston Village Society Inc, 1989 a neighborhood preservation district encompassing  the quality  of life issues and history  of this Lorain’s oldest neighborhood , becoming  a nonprofit (all volunteer) since 1993.


We were instrumental in removing the ore piles, saving Veterans Park,   the Charleston Pioneer Cemetery, supporting  various sister organizations ,  one of the founding Board members   (1995) of  the original Mainstreetlorain ( Now Lorain Growth Corp).

We have written in support for various city projects, such as grants for the Lorain Utilities Dept. under Mr. Timko, the historic tax credits for the Ariel Hotel   and other historic buildings.   Saving  what is known at Victory  Park , Lorain Port and Finance Authority  and Lorain County  grants ( those items are available)

My  organization also  has worked  to  enhance this neighborhood by  partnering with  the City  of Lorain through  3 administrations to  put in  Settlers’ Watch, Eric Barnes Heroes Walk , Admiral King Tribute Site.  We spearheaded the 2007 Lorain Bicentennial. To say I have been involved is somewhat of an understatement. I  do  not belong to  any  political party  I  am and have been an Independent for my  voting life and I  have never been  employed for the City  of Lorain / Lorain County  or any  business in Lorain.


I have never written to the Civil Service Commission until now. I  do  so  because after all my  years of dealing with  the political and business side of the City  of Lorain  I am very  concerned as to  the appointment  of Maximillian Upton to  the permanent  position of Director of Building Planning and Housing.  This position demands capability, honesty, non-selective enforcement,   integrity, inter -departmental communication and a knowledge of how to lead without intimidation or manipulation.


I will be presenting documentation in this letter to support those concerns. Please note all documentation has been gathered through public records requests through the City of Lorain Law Dept., and Law Director Pat Riley

I will be covering three main areas of concern with   regard to Mr. Upton’s employment since January 2020 as Safety Service Director appointed by Mayor Bradley and then his subsequent appointment to Acting Director of Building Housing and Planning.


  1. Kellie Glenn, Lorain Civil Service Commission, and daily logs in Upton’s capacity of the Safety  Service Director


  1. Acting Director of Building and Planning and St. Joseph’s Hospital demolition



  1. DeLuca’s Half Way  house   Zoning / Giardini and Lucas Developers


I do not know Mr. Upton personally, but I do know him.

In 2017 , when Mr. Upton was  employed by Lorain County,  I  was asked by  Mr. Romancak  the then Director of  Lorain County  Community  Development ,  to  participate  in the planning process of a grant.

 “Lorain County was awarded a planning grant through the USEPA to look to the redevelopment of the Broadway/E 28th corridor. Based upon your knowledge, history of engagement and contacts, our consultant team will be reaching out to you next week Don Romancak January 27th 2017

It was during this time I was asked to liaise with Max Upton. He left for other employment half way through the process but I was not impressed with Mr. Upton in that short time. I personally found him somewhat condescending and arrogant.

“Kellie Glenn, Lorain Civil Service Commission, and daily logs in Upton’s capacity of the Safety Service Director”

February 18th 2020: Lorain Civil Service Commission Meeting:


 Please refer to the minutes of that more than contentious meeting which started at 5:00 pm (that is important).To refresh your memory. Mr. Upton had been trying for days previously to have Mr. Steve Campbell hired into the Lorain Building Dept.


NOTE: I  do  have all the emails, due to  my  public records request,  between Commission members and Administration  with  regard to  the  hiring of Mr. Campbell. Mr. Upton knew Ms. Kellie Glenn was not in favor of the hiring of Mr. Campbell.


“I take Director Glenn’s guidance with a grain of salt


Ms. Glenn,  was  a person  with  whom Mr. Upton  had only  worked with  for less than 6 weeks and he  was  already  making disparaging remarks ( for the record)  during your  February  18th meeting as to  her capabilities.   Mr. Upton, had apparently already been manipulating the ousting of Ms. Glenn, he had made this decision with regard to   Ms. Glenn and the outcome of her employment and began the manipulation before taking his office officially.

I will take you back before that meeting and to what I  conclude, after looking at the paper trail,  was unacceptable manipulative , vindictive and predisposed behavior by  not only  Mr. Upton but two  of the employees ( recent hiring) in the Building Housing and Planning Dept.  Ms. Glenn’s department. Those individuals were Drew Crawford and Joel Jacovetti, both of whom played a secretive and undermining role at Mr. Upton’s bidding as you will see by the documentation.

 Mr. Drew Crawford (Neighborhood Specialist and now Planning and Zoning Administrator – this is important to remember), started keeping a log on Ms. Glenn from the very first day of his employment in her department. OCTOBER 28/2019  ending his log January 31.2020 to  two and a half weeks before the Civil Service Meeting February  18th 2020

  I have, for the sake of Ms. Glenn who, as you know is no longer with the City of Lorain taken out the remarks made by Ms. Glenn. The logs, in my opinion, are petty, whiney, spiteful, and gossipy allegations and her words taken out of context and deliberately made to undermine Ms. Glenn. The behavior of these employees was less than professional.

Log from Joel Jacovetti

To  support my  thoughts on this extremely  underhanded, petty  and game playing  by  not only  Mr. Crawford  and Mr. Jacovetti  I  submit their emails to  Mr. Upton

Drew Crawford February 7th 2020 copied to Jack Bradley 

Joel Jacovetti email sent February  6th 2020 

Upton NOTE “dates these are submitted, the timing on all these things is very important as I believe it shows a concerted effort to discredit Ms. Glenn. If nothing else this sort of direction would certainly be cause for a toxic workplace. And this under the direction of Mr. Upton.   I FIRMLY believe this is NOT the sort of leadership role Building, Housing and Planning deserves.

This  sort of underhanded  behavior alone would cause me to  , if I  was sitting on this board, to  deny  his  appointment.  But there is more, unfortunately.

The next morning after the meeting by 10 o’clock on February 19th 2020 Mr. Upton was contacting Lisa Zamiska PHR for an insubordination letter for going against his wishes. (See your meeting minutes)

 Note: I have taken off Ms. Glenn’s person information from the template letter




 Ms. Glenn was put on paid suspension, ultimately settled with the city and the rest is history and Max Upton stepped into her position.

Changes coming to Lorain city administration | Chronicle Telegram  “Bradley said he spoke to Upton after the agreement was reached. “So when Kellie resigned, I said to Max, I think that you need to be in a position where I think your talents are best served, because he knows this stuff like — I don’t know, he eats, sleeps and drinks this community development stuff,” he said.


Under former Mayor Chase Ritenauer, Upton had applied for a position in the city’s Building, Housing and Planning department, but he was not hired at the time.”

And Upton certainly just based on this first part of the letter be hired now. However we aren’t finished yet.

 Bear with me, because I am going back to your meeting of February   18th. Which started at 5:00 pm.

I know you  are all aware of the  insulting text sent by  Mr. Upton to  then Chief of Staff Melissa Barnhart with  regard to  YOU , the Civil Service Commissioners   I will now put that in context for you  . As Ms. Glenn was speaking about Mr. Campbell not being qualified for the position in Building Housing and Planning it was at 5:34 the text was sent.

This text is a disgrace, it  threatens a sitting  board of the City  of Lorain ,  it also  states by  implication that “steve O will have “her job”  again the long game being played ( in my  considered opinion) and the description of the commissioners is worrying as to  his professionalism .

This was not the only text sent from that meeting with implications as to the integrity of the Board Members of the Civil Service Commission. It seems, you, the board could have been under the “influence of Mr. Dan Given when denying  Mr. Campbell’s appointment , that same meeting , text Melissa Barnhart, Max Upton and Jack  Bradley


 to be continued 






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Letter to Lorain Civil Service Commission Pt.2

Continued: Click on the jpgs to  enlarge

Max Upton and Mayor Jack Bradley

Part One : https://oheragain.wordpress.com/2021/11/29/letter-to-the-civil-service-commission-part-1/

The continuing story of St. Joseph’s Demolition


Acting Director of Building and Planning Max Upton St.    Joseph’s Hospital demolition


Unfortunately, for Lorain and my deepening concern as to the capabilities of Mr. Upton we now come to   the demolition of St. Joes Community Center, the old St. Joseph’s Hospital.


I would ask you  to  remember the City  of Lorain  and this edifice that was  and  has been a bone of contention since 1997  when South  Shore Development took over the building with  Federal monies.


  “South Shore took ownership of the St. Joseph facility in 1997 after St. Joseph Hospital merged with Lorain Community Hospital to create Community Health Partners. An $800,000 federal grant was used to get the building ready for its new tenants. Additional grants and loans were secured. The state had $1.4 million in loans invested in the community center, while the county and the city each have $700,000 in loans tied to the center”.


 I  would also   ask you  to  remember  the history  of how  the hospital originally came into  being  due to  the Devonian Sulphur Springs that  are still bubbling away  underneath  that acreage

Lorain in Retrospect- JJ Meyers

was erected a large three story frame building designed as a sanitarium, in which with the liberal internal and external application of certain water oozing from a nearby spring, a cure for numberless ailments was proclaimed by the promoters.

The house was called the “Devonian Baths” and was built in 1887 over Sulphur springs discovered by accident by Gilbert Hogan, who had been drilling for natural gas. 


Please Note once again the dates are very important in the following thoughts and documentation provided.


Time line begins in this instance on March 23rd 2020 and the reporting in the Chronicle Telegram of the sale of  the property.

 Mar 23, 2020 9:28 PM

Former St. Joseph Community Hospital complex sold for $150,000 | Chronicle Telegram

LORAIN — the defunct St. Joseph Community Center has sold.

South Shore Development Corp. LLC — whose sole remaining member is Jim Janasko of Janasko Insurance — finalized a deal with A7 Development Group LLC out of Massachusetts.

The 24-parcel property sold for $150,000, effective March 16. The Lorain County Auditor’s website lists the total assessed value of all parcels combined as at about $1.3 million.


I am still trying to confirm through various means just who it was that introduced A7 to Lorain.

 Time line: St Joes.

March 23   2020  

 SOLD TO A7 Development Group LLC (with outstanding taxes, and utilities) 

 A7 Development Corp LLC by March 

2020 had been in business for a little over 2 years and has one principle Salvatore Tecce A7 Development Company   File No. 001 348859

Registered Address: 4 DENSEREAUX PLACE, MIDDLETON 01949 MA

SALVATORE TECCE (who is the company’s only principle. He is the agent, president, vice president, director, treasurer and secretary

Salvatore Tecce is also one of the two “principles for the   demolition company   hired by A7 Development (Group) Corp –“Earth Exchange” And please note the date of their registration.

EARTH EXCHANGE INC. has been set up 2/16/2021 in state MA. The current status of the business is Active. The EARTH EXCHANGE INC. principal address is 800 TURNPIKE ST STE 300, N ANDOVER, 01845. Meanwhile you can send your letters to 800 TURNPIKE ST STE 300, N ANDOVER, MA, 01845. The company`s registered agent is LEGALINC CORPORATE SERVICES INC. 5237 SUMMERLIN COMMONS STE 400, FT MYERS, FL, 33907. The company`s management are Director, Vice President – Tecce Salvatore, President, Secretary – Youkstetter Karl.

We know from various sources, media etc.  EARTH EXCHANGE   started taking down the building in JANUARY   of 2021

 OCTOBER 30TH 2020

The City of Lorain, Mayor Jack Bradley, Sanford Washington and Max Upton met with Dennis Dannenfelser of Earth Exchange, of the JANUARY 2021 REGISTRATION.


The Chronicle Telegram had in its reporting re the lack of permits is quoted

  All Star Dismantling LLC, out of New Jersey, lists performing the demolition on its website, including drone video footage of some of the work on its website.”

Curiously, ALL STAR DISMANTLING LLC wasn’t a registered company either until APRIL 14-2021 Company Name:



File Number: 450635311

Filing State: New Jersey (NJ)

Filing Status: Active

Filing Date: April 14, 2021

Company Age: 7 Months

Registered Agent: Dennis Dannenfelser JR

1249 Oakland Ave

Union, NJ 07083


However without benefit of our Law Department a letter was sent out on October 30th 2020  to  Dennis  Dannenfelser highlighting the  fact , Mr. Max Upton  would be  the City  of Lorain  MAIN Contact person

 The Letter of Agreement?

October 30th  2020  Mayor Jack Bradley, Safety  Service Director Washing , Director of Building Planning and Housing and I  am told by  Law Dept. they  were not part of the “agreement” meeting and I  can find no record of our Law Department   even initialing  such  an agreement.

I use the wording “agreement “because that is the wording used by Mayor Bradley in his statement to the media “

There was an agreement that the developer would pull permits one structure at a time, Mayor Jack Bradley said, with plans to level everything but the parking garage.

How do you enter into an agreement with companies that aren’t companies until AFTER the demolition started?


  Upton is mentioned in the letter from Safety Service Director Washington as the main contact person for the city therefore, it would have been his JOB OF WORK to follow through.


Former St. Joseph Community Center demo on hold after developer fails to pull permits | Chronicle Telegram  May 7th 2021

 The article in the Chronicle Telegram mentioned the lack of permits applied for by the developer However Upton did issue two permits   again those dates and to WHOM they were given – NOT to  Earth  Exchange, Not to  All Star Dismantling LLC  not even to  A7 Development  but TO  South  Shore  Development the PREVIOUS OWNER of the buildings and land.

The first permit DATED MAY 20th  2020  was to  South  Shore Development    nearly  three months AFTER  the site was SOLD to  A7 and work to  be carried out by  Earth  Exchange. (Note the date this was before the October 30th letter of agreement)

 I would also draw your attention to the sloppy work from Building Housing a Planning Chief Inspector at the time . Richard Klinar. The application from Earth Exchange.  Please NOTE – there is NO DATE on the application.

 IF the date and the wrong Company  was given permission “. South  Shore Community  Development Corp”  etc  was incorrectly  added  at the time,  supposedly  due to  software issues, then that too is down to  Upton as he didn’t do due diligence before sending out the permit.

We now come to the 2nd Permit   by  Max Upton  , please note the date on this permit   and also  to which  company  it was issued OCTOBER 30TH  2020 THE DATE OF THE MEETING BUT ONCE AGAIN TO  South  Shore Development Corp   WORK TO  BE DONE BY  Earth  Exchange .


This is just another example of lack of due diligence.by Mr. Max Upton and his department.

 We now have the site at the former St Josephs’ Hospital nothing but a pile of rubble and the blame is being laid at the Developer and the City of Lorain is looking for redress. The site is going to have to be cleaned up, litigation is looming.

Photo: Chronicle Telegram Kristen Bauer https://chroniclet.com/news/260993/former-st-joseph-community-center-demo-on-hold-after-developer-fails-to-pull-permits/

I  am not  an attorney  , I  know nothing about LLC’s, Corporations and  their respective responsibilities but I  do  know before entering into  any  business partnership, agreement, giving  permission especially  with   and edifice the size of a whole city  block involving the  City  of Lorain  “all paperwork should be checked and at least initialed by  our Law Dept.” In this particular case since there were concerns of possible toxicity leaching to the ground water through the basements, the EPA should have been included as a safe guard on any such agreement.    That is only common sense, which apparently was also lacking


Note I  can find nothing that states  Lorain City  Council Building and Lands Committee , Council At Large  as the Chair of that committee was ever informed of the “agreement” with  these “developers” or “demolition experts”


From: Springowski, Mary
Sent: Saturday, April 24, 2021 6:17 PM
To: Upton, Max
Subject: Old St.Joseph Hospital

 Did the demolition company bury the concrete from demolishing the old hospital? 

 Someone asked me and I said I had no idea.  Is that permissible,  to bury the debris?

 Mary Springowski 

Lorain City Council at Large 



From: “Upton, Max” <Max_Upton@cityoflorain.org>

Date: 4/26/21 1:22 PM (GMT-05:00)

To: “Springowski, Mary” <Mary_springowski@cityoflorain.org>

Subject: RE: Old St. Joseph Hospital

To my knowledge they have not. We are working to make sure the comply with our ordinances.

From: “Springowski, Mary” <Mary_springowski@cityoflorain.org>

Date: 4/26/21 1:32 PM (GMT-05:00)

To: “Upton, Max” <Max_Upton@cityoflorain.org>Subject: RE: Old St.Joseph Hospital

“Neighbors are saying otherwise.”

 Well that is interesting because either Mr. Upton  apparently  had no  clue as to  what was happening a few blocks from Lorain City  Hall and his offices, albeit the demolition had been ongoing for months, covered  with  drone footage , blogs the media  as the walls came tumbling down , scrap taken away  by  the truck load, fences going up.


Did  Mr. Upton not have departmental meetings  discuss with  his department and in those  meetings did he not say  ( considering he had a tentative demo schedule,)  AS OF NOVEMBER 2ND 2020  3 days after the meeting with  Dennis  Dannenfelser

Have Permits been pulled, where are we on inspections, have the environmental  licenses been pulled, is there any  toxicity  on the site  the City  of Lorain should know about?

This was a huge undertaking and certainly one would think the checks and balances SHOULD have been in place. Apparently not? More lack of not only follow through by  the Dept. Head  Upton , and certainly   the due diligence was nonexistent!

Mr. Upton had replied to  Mrs. Springowski ‘s question

 Did the demolition company bury the concrete from demolishing the old hospital? 

 Someone asked me and I said I had no idea.  Is that permissible,  to bury the debris?

To my knowledge they have not. We are working to make sure the comply with our ordinances.

Mr Upton apparently lied to  Mrs Springowki in that email dated APRIL 26TH 2021 because  27 days ( almost a month  earlier ) Richard Klinar the Chief Building Inspector  slapped a stop  work order on the site  for the very  issue Mrs. Springowski  was questioning.



Either he lied to   the Chair of Building and Lands,  Councilwoman  at Large ( who  represents ALL of the citizens of Lorain . Or he was apparently not capable  of follow through  and being the “go  to  guy”. Either way  he should not be heading  the Building Housing and Planning Dept.

 To my knowledge they have not. We are working to make sure the comply with our ordinances.  And Yet the Stop  Work order speaks for itself !

to  be continued:

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Letter to Lorain Civil Service Commission Pt 3



Part One: https://oheragain.wordpress.com/2021/11/29/letter-to-the-civil-service-commission-part-1/

Part Two : https://oheragain.wordpress.com/2021/11/29/letter-to-lorain-civil-service-commission-pt-2/

DeLuca’s Half Way house   Zoning / Giardini and Lucas Developers


The story of the Deluca’s debacle broke on June 3rd 2021

Since then there has been  a lot of political spin  and blame put on this situation but in my  opinion NOT where it should be put squarely  on the person that did not do  due diligence in this capacity  of the Director of Building planning and  Housing. Max Upton and his staff.




Former DeLuca’s Place could see new use as halfway house | Chronicle Telegram

I agree with you, you don’t want to have a peaceful neighborhood disturbed because you’re bringing in people that have a propensity to commit crimes,” Bradley said. “

But on the other side of the coin, we want to make sure that people that are coming back to the community aren’t just set loose into the community without any assistance or help.”

Planning Commission members approved the required rezoning for the space, which will move to City Council for consideration. Bradley abstained.


 THIS misadventure of turmoil to  those  going to  be affected by  the decision without due  diligence  of that Zoning Board  and  Drew Crawford( of the daily  logs on Kellie Glenn)  the Neighborhood Development Specialist to  now Planning and Zoning Administrator  caused citizens of another community  to  be outraged.


Residents come in force against rezoning for halfway house in Lorain | Chronicle Telegram

Giardini said it had appeared the city was not keen on having the facility right downtown, especially near the former St. Joseph’s site due to other potential projects. DeLuca’s appears to be a better fit.

On Monday, dozens of Lorain residents, alongside those from Elyria Township, packed Council Chambers and commented on the issue for more than three hours — the vast majority coming out against the proposed rezoning.


I attended the residents meeting called by Mary Springowski, Council at large, Head of the Buildings and Lands.  This is another example or lack of communication between Bradley Administration, Building Housing and Planning and Lorain City Council.  Mrs. Springowski WAS NOT  informed of this project either from the Administration or from the Director Building Housing and Planning. June 28th 2021 and had to learn like the rest of her constituents through the media. This is NOT acceptable! Communicating to sitting representatives of the people of Lorain is paramount to good government

It was a shameful example of the “need to know” policy put in place. Mr. Upton attended that meeting as a spectator and was seated behind me with Mr. Washington the Safety Service Director.

Tony Giardini and his partner Joe Lucas only applied for the rezoning of the one parcel on the whole property, the one that was in Lorain, therefore only the property owners that abut that particular parcel – there are two one in Lorain and the parking lot behind the meeting. Had it not been for people in the neighborhood rallying and sending notifications of last night’s meeting those abutting the other parcel would have been none the wiser.

It showed, shock and disbelief in their manner and voices as some had just found out the zoning was passed by Lorain that evening.  Can you imagine being out of the loop, aging  and living in a quiet neighborhood  with  children and grandchildren and finding out a “halfway house for convicted “felons” getting out of prison would be transitioning into your neighborhood ? Frightening to so many who were there that evening, they had very little information.

I wanted so many times to jump up and “defend” the residents, they were out of their depth


People were rallying, getting attorneys lined up  signed petitions over 200 hundred signatures put their summer on hold to  fight Lorain.  FOR A CONTINUING QUALITY OF LIFE IN THEIR COMMUNITY THAT WAS NOT LORAIN but being forced to take on Lorain. The animosity felt that evening towards Lorain was understandable, we were the bully!


However, it turns out that once again either Mr. Upton and or   Mr. Crawford of Planning and zoning didn’t check the Zoning regulations. . For weeks people were put through and emotional maelstrom for what, the ineptness of a department that only   seemingly thrives when they are being manipulative and “fast tracking.


It took a message from another council person, Mitch Fallis to point out the fact the area was zoned incorrectly.

Should a council person have to point out to the Director of Building Planning and Housing (including Zoning) they   couldn’t give Mr. Giardini and Mr. Lucas permission to build / remodel  the site for that Halfway House.

Halfway house rezoning on hold in Lorain | Chronicle Telegram


Anthony Giardini, co-owner of the former DeLuca’s Place in the Park, said in a text message he rescinded the application to rezone the Middle Ridge property from B-2 to R-3, as it turns out it would need industrial zoning to operate a halfway house.

JTTR Properties LLC purchased the former event center in January for $425,000.

This was once again down to the Building Housing and Planning Dept.  Not only  did  Mr. Giardini  and Mr. Lucas  spent time  effort and a lot of money  trying to  get the “halfway  house “  as it was OK’d by  Planning and Zoning  with  much  hoopla once again”  but the emotional  toll  put on residents,  and the total waste of time is repugnant.

Why? Because once again the Building Housing and Planning  Dept. under Director Upton didn’t do  the job they  are paid to  do  and didn’t communicate with  council members who  could have  stated prior to  the Zoning Board meeting the change of Zoning would have to  be Industrial . 


I have finally come to the end of the time lines and documentation for your information. . Believe me if I  didn’t  feel strongly about the fact the City  of Lorain  and her way  forward in the future I would not have spent the hours putting this epistle together.

I realize this is more of a report than a letter. However, I wanted  you  to  understand that my  writing to  you  to  deny  Mr. Maximillian Upton  the position of Director of Building Housing and Planning , was taken with  due care and consideration .

Mr. Upton’s   employment with  the City  of Lorain as an appointed Safety  Service Director  has, in my  considered opinion, shown a side to  Mr. Upton  as a manipulative, controlling   and vindictive personage , lack of leadership  by  having employees  “spy” on their head of department, to  what end  – in   regard to  Kellie Glenn whose position he now holds .


A week after   the Civil Service Commission meeting of February 18th 2020 Max Upton sent out the following letter to all Department heads.




As the Director of Building Housing and Planning, Mr. Upton, by the documentation alone, did not do due diligence, was again lacking in communication and follow through. As per DeLucas’ Halfway house fiasco of zoning costing, time, money and emotional turmoil.


Upton,  has in my  opinion, by  his lack of ability, arrogance  , non-communication  with  City  of Lorain Council  and follow through  has put this City  of Lorain in a  great deal of trouble, financially, legally  and due to  the nature of the site  possible toxic repercussions in  regard to  St. Joseph’s Hospital demolition . I shouldn’t be at all surprised if the bill to the “taxpayers “will be enormous.



The owners owe $528,813.98 in back property taxes, according to records of the Lorain County Auditor’s Office.

In his presentation, Housing Rehabilitation Administrator Greg Landry offered photographs and descriptions about a city inspection earlier this month.

Landry divided the complex into three parts for consideration.

The building at 1800 Livingston Ave. has deteriorating conditions, such as falling ceilings and mold growth.

It appears some areas are filled with items ranging from used fire extinguishers to construction supplies to two snow throwers the city inspectors found inside.

Just south, the vacant area contains rubble from demolition of the main hospital building, where demolition started in November 2020.

Bricks and concrete are piled up to 12 feet high and there is metal rebar sticking out of the ground.

It is a massive amount of material left on site, Landry said.

Exactly what was underground there is unclear, he said.

It appeared there may be some underground basements beneath any areas not a concrete slab, Landry said.

It also appeared some buildings were demolished and the rubble piled into basement areas, said Landry and Safety-Service Director Sanford Washington.

The parking garage has mold, peeling insulation and falling ductwork.

After the meeting, Washington said he expected the city Departments of Law and Building, Housing and Planning would pursue legal action to force cleanup of the site.

Removing all the material will be a massive job, he said.

If the city has to pay for demolition or clearing work, the city staff will pursue ways to recover the money spent, said Max Upton, director of o the Department of Building, Housing and Planning”

 And all this on top of an underground spring which goes into the Lake, and Yes! I have been in touch with the EPA on this


I would ask you  to  remember not only  is the City  of Lorain made up  of the Judicial, the Administrative  and Legislative Branches of government , and all the employees that hold positions of trust in this city, BUT the taxpayers  are part of the equation . We are the ones that foot the bills for the projects and the mistakes AND I AM WRITING IN THAT CAPACITY.

We cannot afford Mr. Maximillian Upton in the position of Director of Building Housing and Planning and I would ask you to DENY that appointment.   I remain:


Yours sincerely



Loraine Ritchey


CC: Pat Riley – Law Director

Members of the Civil Service Commission

Mayor Bradley

Safety Service Director Washington

Members of Lorain City Council




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Spies? The Players and City of Lorain Politics

Some maybe aware  that I  am an administrator of a face book page  City  of Lorain Politics.


I am not really  comfortable with  face book . It is hard to  format   so  I  am copying here a post from today  with  the ongoing situation in Building , Housing and Planning in the City  of Lorain . I know it is safe here  and not subject to  FB decisions.


You see I have a problem with people who bully and spy and lie…especially if my tax dollars are paying them.
February 18th 2020. was the day Mr Steve Campbell was up for the job in Building Housing and Planning with the backing of Max Upton. Remember the Stevo text ( pictured)
  This text was obviously, according to the time line, sent during the Civil Service Commission meeting
during the discussion as it is  sent at 5.31 pm when Kellie Glenn, the then Director of  Building Housing and Planning ,  was not in favour of that appointment Civil Service Commission Meeting of February 18 2020 at 5:00 pm . You can access the minutes of that contentious meeting . https://www.cityoflorain.org/261/Civil-Service-Commission
I want to make it clear I have had very little to do with Ms Glenn . I dealt mainly with Mr. Leon Mason the former Director of Building, Housing and Planning  , but I know who she was.
I am particularly aggrieved that anyone in a work place is spied upon
… and this started back in late 2019 when the wheeling and dealing and the stirring of who was going to be Mayor in the city  of Lorain, due to  the unexpected  leaving of then Mayor Ritenauer  and the positioning .. they played their long game pretty well..
Drew Crawford, already working for BHP in a lesser capacity than now??? started his “log ‘ (late 2019) on his boss Kellie Glenn secretly , these logs were sent to  Max Upton  the Safety  Service Director appointed by  the new Mayor Jack Bradley
 see photo… dates  important
In deference to Ms. Glenn I have removed the comments and gripes about her.she has had enough I would would think .
Now it was the time around the non hiring of Steve Campbell that Mr Crawford ( I hesitated not to call him “Crawlie Crawford) then sent an email to Mr. Upton and copied it to Jack Bradley ( before the Feb 18th meeting) are we connecting the dots yet?? See Drew’s email February 7th ….
Now we also know Joel Jacovetti sent his spymaster his information the day before Mr Crawford February 6th 2020 and going by his log dates he was also playing Uptons and perhaps Bradley’s long game
…… who am I to comment , but you may think that … The taxpayer is always playing catch up….
You see this was all very well planned ,in my considered opinion.. for what it is worth… …they were positioning and hey they got those positions….
and the day after that meeting where Kellie Glenn stood up and refused to be played ( in my opinion) with that meeting at the Civil Service Commission February 18th ..the very next morning February 19th … Upton requested of the HR dept….. a template for Insubordination…
and he got one all he had to do is fill in the blanks …NOTE I have cut the top of the letter to remove Ms Glenns personal address etc. but it is dated February 19th after that meeting .
And then Ms. Glenn who had filed charges of Racial Bias etc resigned…. who  would blame her , maybe she wasn’t being paranoid , at least two  in her department were  taking down whatever she did.. on whose orders…..? and low and behold Max Upton  then is moved from his “appointed Safety  / Service Directors position  to  Ms. Glenn’s  Civil Service protected position.. ironic or planned…. after all it is Building , Housing and PLANNING
” Upton’s move comes just weeks after a settlement agreement was reached between the city and Building, Housing and Planning Director Kellie Glenn. In March, Glenn filed charges with the Ohio Civil Rights Commission and the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission alleging racial bias within the city. https://chroniclet.com/…/changes-coming-to-lorain-city…/
I would leave too.. and then in that same article!!!!  Surprise the Ritenaur Administration, who left this void of leadership  by leaving for the private sector  apparently   did NOT hire Mr. Upton when he applied to them…..smart move….. but the long game was well played by this time….”
Under former Mayor Chase Ritenauer, Upton had applied for a position in the city’s Building, Housing and Planning department, but he was not hired at the time”
and Mayor Bradley well…… according to him as to hiring Upton :
““I want to see some things moving forward out of that department,” he said. “I think we’re going to go in a completely different direction.”
Well Mayor  Bradley was right we have had under  Uptons “direction”  zoning fiascos, not knowing when is a permit a permit or when is a park a park..and moving right down into the BASEMENT..   and that segues  back to   the series on St. Joes.. more to  come on that..
and who is paying for the fence and who is doing that clean- up any bids on that?? Watch this space…
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A Tawdry Tale – A Saint (Joe’s) and the Politicians Pt 2

Part One : https://oheragain.wordpress.com/2021/10/02/a-tawdry-tale-a-saint-joes-and-the-politicians/

NOTE: as this tawdry  tale of wheeling dealing, political  and legalese speak continues, we have a problem. Unlike this blog  links to  press coverage found in the posts on That Woman Blog , covered  at the times of the dealings, they  disappear from the net. Changes in operation, servers etc and those stories disappear. To  delve further into  the press coverage  will take more work than clicking on the link.  You  will have to  trust me that I  covered it factually as you  wont be able to link  back.

We left off in Part one of the Tawdry  Tale with  Money  Money  Money

”  “South Shore took ownership of the St. Joseph facility in 1997 after St. Joseph Hospital merged with Lorain Community Hospital to create Community Health Partners. An $800,000 federal grant was used to get the building ready for its new tenants. Additional grants and loans were secured The state had $1.4 million in loans invested in the community center, while the county and the city each have $700,000 in loans tied to the center.”

Fast Forward : a few years and the money  has  dried up and according  to  Mr. Cordes ( Board of South  Shore Development ) in March  of 2009  and my  That Woman Blog

St. Joseph’s Hospital- another re -invention?

“Hopefully, we’ll find some solutions before things come to the critical mass point,”

https://www.morningjournal.com/articles/2009/03/14/news/mj750123.txt   ( link is broken)

Interesting enough two  of the comments from that post :

Renee Dore , Historian  and Co  Chair Of Charleston Village Society


“The elevator (lobby) in the Drs. office building across the street still has the sulphur odor of the spring- there used to be a sign posted as to what the source of the odor. “

St. Joe’s Community Center – Let’s get fiscal/ physical – Let’s get REAL

In that post of getting real… broken links but some of the time line:

March of 2009 the article in the Morning Journal
St. Joseph center in crisis: Lack of tenants, operating capital could cause eventual closure
had the then President of the South Shore Development Board ( In 1997 St. Joseph Community Center was created by the South Shore Development CDC ) – Jim Cordes ( Lorain County Administrator) as stating:

The center is running out of cash and faces about a $300,000 deficit this year, he said.


Between those two statements a lot of “planning, bells and whistles, handshaking and patting on the back has happened .

Lorain City Council in 2010 approved money to operate St. Joe’s while Krasienko’s administration looked for ways to keep it open.


The agreement also calls for the current South Shore board, which has been largely defunct since the city took control of St. Joe’s at the beginning of the year, to be replaced with a new ninemember board. Five of the board’s members will be handpicked by IRG, which gives the company a controlling number of seats. Three members will be selected by the city. The county commissioners will pick the final board member.

In fact just last June 2011 another deal was brokered with great hoopla and artwork

“Definitely good news,” said Mayor Tony Krasienko. “Obviously, we’ve put a lot of time and resources into making sure the St. Joseph Community Center is a success.

However, there was concern from some on Lorain City Council as to the “way forward” and in July 18 2011 an update on the situation at St. Joe’s was requested. You can find the minutes of that meeting in the following PDF file
council meeting minutes

note CLICK ON   those council minutes link . Questions were asked BUT ..the political and legal speak won out….



It seems that number ($300,000) continues to be a problem because according the Chronicle nearly three years later :http://chronicle.northcoastnow.com/2012/02/08/developer-warns-about-fiscal-physical-problems-at-st-joes/

As of Dec. 21, Hipp wrote, South Shore had past due bills totaling $287,892. Hipp also wrote that his company projected that St. Joe’s would be running deficits of $25,000 per month as 2012 got under way, and there was no plan in place to absorb those costs.

Between those two statements a lot of “planning, bells and whistles, handshaking and patting on the back has happened .

Lorain City Council in 2010 approved money to operate St. Joe’s while Krasienko’s administration looked for ways to keep it open.

So what happened that just about 5 months after that meeting crisis hits?? and the Ohio Realty Advisors managing the property sends a letter

states in his letter ( emphasis mine) :

NOTE: AND THIS LETTER HAS MIRACULOUSLY  DISAPPEARD INTO  THE MISTS OF TIME …HMMMMMMMM I  would have to  contact Lorain City  Hall for that letter it should be entered into  the record.

However Moving on!!! excerpts from that letter


Hipp also wrote that his company projected that St. Joe’s would be running deficits of $25,000 per month as 2012 got under way, and there was no plan in place to absorb those costs.

“From the onset South Shore was operating in a deficit with no long -term plan to fund shortfalls,” Hipp wrote.

How things seem to have changed in 5 months

Did this whole project rely on one group purchasing the 5th floor and therefore injecting $300,000 cash plus build out into the project.

Is that the “business plan”???????

This is a bit like saying –

Oh! I am waiting for my Aunt Lilo Lil to die as I am in her will and then I can pay my mortgage and utilities and remodel – but Old Lil runs off with another suitor or writes you out of the will – and your creditors get stuck with the bill


Not a good business plan it seems at least to this “lowly surface dweller”. I am always amazed at the thinking ( which is more often than not) on basing financial decisions on a “projected income”- but then there is that old “well of the taxpayer” if things don’t come off as planned.

My concerns are these :

Why didn’t the South Shore Development Board and Ohio Realty Advisors in July express their concerns before Lorain City Council when Given ( pun intended) the opportunity. Since I was told yesterday the “letter” that was dated January 5th 2012 was to get the attention of the new administration Why not ask for a meeting , a phone call might have served their purpose a little better because NOW – well they are getting attention NOW aren’t they?


Given asked: How much do you think you need to have rented to cover all your costs and after that the pressure is off.

Berger:I have that in my performa and I do not have that with me but it will be presented to our Board during the next Board meeting- that will then be presented to council-

My understanding is that no information was received by council members– who was the follow through person? NOTE: Joel Arredondo-Lorain City Council President also serves on the South Shore Development Board

Also in Hipp’s letter he states

“The situation within the Administration of the City of Lorain over the past 10 months has also negatively impacted the progress of the project

Question since this was the Krasienko Administration ( who brokered the deal ) and just 6 months previously had the “celebration of St. Joes- and Robert Gilchrist was being praised…. what situation????? And why weren’t council informed there was a “administration” problem 5 months ago when they had the chance ?

And now my thoughts –

I think cool, clinical accounting heads need to be in the mix – a “BUSINESS PLAN” based upon actual funding– not IF- not stop-gap budgeting – needs to be in place – because even with “new tenants” there are always expenses that come with being the landlord.

All costs should be itemized- all assets- actual income and actual costs not projected with whatever rosy coloured forecasts of ifs and maybe and hope ( hope like plan is a four letter word )….

And speaking of tenants
There are partnerships and groups within the space providing a valuable service to the community . Those tenants have provided income and a tax revenue to the City of Lorain . I would hate to see the loss to them and to us should the building close. They are also experiencing “physical problems” as per their letter found here:

NOTE: the Pdf file is working for this link Well worth  the read due to  the concerns of those tenants , cleanliness, security  , maintenance … 

Jan 31 St. Joe’s tenants meeting letter to Southshore Board (1)

And lets us have some “real discussion” not the “congratulatory wishy-washy claptrap” as evidenced at the South Shore Development Board Meeting on Febrary 9th-2012
Scant answers provided at St. Joe’s board meeting – by Brad Dicken ( who first broke the story of “the letter”)
Morning Journal – Rick Payerchin

The meeting lasted about 40 minutes, but shed little light on conditions at the St. Joe Center. The board did not have a quorum and could not vote on any proposals

ED NOTE: That was definitely the understatement of the year imho

TO Be Continued……. Kraseinko  and Gilchrist were out in the next installment ( although we will revisit Gilchrist… and the  Ritenauer Administration  is in as the saga continues……..

To Be continued

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Financials For some Lorain Nov 2nd Election

The Committee to Elect Beth Henley

Christner for Council (1)

Friends & Supporters of Mary Springowski

Friends of Cory Shawver

Friends of Dan Nutt

Friends of Kyriece Brooks

Friends of Mitchell J. Fallis

Friends of Terri Soto

Friends of Tony Dimacchia

Joel Arredondo – Lorain Council Campaign Fund

Friends of Victoria Kempton

The Committee to Elect Beth Henley


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A Tawdry Tale – A Saint (Joe’s) and the Politicians


A tale that started in the last century  lies forlorn lost and crying out for truth. Truth in politics , in this case  even truth is buried  like rubble in a basement .

The Beginning:
Lorain in Retrospect- JJ Meyers

“Central Lorain became the mecca for real estate operators, led by Mr. Hogan and Wm. A Braman of Elyria….

they acquired the area upon which
“was erected a large three story frame building designed as a sanitarium, in which with the liberal internal and external application of certain water oozing from a nearby spring, a cure for numberless ailments was proclaimed by the promoters.

From Lizzie’s Guide to Lorain
Note:  this was part of the Black  River Historical Society  who  are now Lorain Historical  Society  and no  longer have that link  available …..

The house was called the “Devonian Baths” and was built in 1887 over sulpher springs discovered by accident by Gilbert Hogan, who had been drilling for natural gas. This is one of the early pictures of the hospital.

During the the money stringency in the early nineties (1890’s) a far sighted individual in the person of Father Bihn rector of a Catholic Orphan Asylum at Tiffin. Father Joseph L. Bihn along with Sister M. Ludmilla Schmidt and Sister M. Antonia Adams founded St. Joseph Hospital in a Lorain house in 1892 for children who required immediate medical care and who could not make the long trip to Cleveland, where the nearest hospital was located.

The hospital grew , as did Lorain, and through  it all people died, were made well , were born and money  flowed  just like the Devonshire Springs that remained buried underneath as the edifice  grew.


In 1916 a new hospital was constructed to meet the growing population .

In 1950 a larger, modern facility was constructed directly behind and attached to the older buildingSadly, the original 1916 building was demolished in October 2015 due to among other things its unsafe condition.Since 1997 the hospital building was used for several different businesses, including a hospice center, nursing college, county & state offices and a VA center, but it would never serve the community as a hospital again.

Those  same old  springs  were still bubbling away,as the old and new hospital stood proudly  above them , gurgling and gushing presumably  finding their way  to  the lake.

But  “the witches brew of political speak” comes back  to  haunt all those decades later  ( artist not  found)

So  who  are the “players”  in this century  , how did Lorain’s pride in her hospital end up one of the biggest debacles locally. And we have had many  debacles over the years .

The Players of the Decades:

Fast forward  one hundred years to  1996. The hospital was no  longer viable, times had changed . The Federal Government decided they  would help  out  as they  didn’t want these old hospitals being  white elephants in the middle of urban communities.

Attorney  Giardini

Cleveland dot com






County  Administrator Jim Cordes,


among others ,  took  up the project and formed South  Shore Development Corporation

South  Shore then worked to  get tenants into  the facilty and through  the years  offices and a community  center

“South Shore took ownership of the St. Joseph facility in 1997 after St. Joseph Hospital merged with Lorain Community Hospital to create Community Health Partners. An $800,000 federal grant was used to get the building ready for its new tenants. Additional grants and loans were secured The state had $1.4 million in loans invested in the community center, while the county and the city each have $700,000 in loans tied to the center.

and so  the Community  Center  perked along  until the bottom started to  fall out financially….. to  be continued

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