About OHA

Who am I?
My name is Loraine Ritchey, I have hade various web pages, written for various blogs including the “Word of Mouth blogspot, and later WOM ( no longer available)

since “retiring from writing”. . I am and have been a community activist for many years.

This blog is the latest spin-off from the blog “thatwoman” – http://www.thatwoman.wordpress.com

I started my “own” blog –that woman -in January 2008-
http://thatwoman.wordpress.com/2008/01/21/to-blog-or-not-to-blog/ it was meant to be an eclectic blog and was for a little while. However news of Cancer reared its obscene head and touched my son and a journey began. My son died 18 months later but we were given no peace due to circumstances that I covered in great depth on that woman blog
http://thatwoman.wordpress.com/category/chris-ritchey/Once in a while I would surface from the depths of my grief to address some of the situations found locally and globally. I wrote over 900 posts in those 3 years , 62 categories and 70 tags . I started “that woman blog” and promised the information would always be out there but “that woman” needed to have as final say on the ThatWoman Blog as to my personal feelings as a result of the events that surrounded and still surround the death of my son.

However other post remain unwritten, so hence the new blog “Oh! Her Again! or the OHA blog is born.

All writings are my own personal opinion and based upon the facts and documentation or on personal experience” – if I have an agenda I will make it clear in the posts. I will always present the “other side”.

Comment policy will be at my discretion –
1. you are who you say you are and can be checked through email.
2.If you have to write under a nom de plume I will allow it as long as I know who you are. Your information will not be released.

Contact information Lorritch7@gmail.com

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