Financials: Just the facts- City of Lorain

 NOTE: Loraine Ritchey :

In the ongoing HOPE to  hold acountable the City  of Lorain  to  the residents of Lorain, by  sharing situations discussed on City  of Lorain Politics  Face Book  page.

Kathryn Kennedy,  has explored  what goes out  in the costs of Lorain’s workforce in language even those of us who  can’t balance a check book can understand.

Art Work Scott Bakalar

Updated wage information. By year, total wages, increase in wages (from one year to the next), percent increase.
2018 ………….29,079,459.94
2019…………. 30,075,534.59………. 996,074.65 0.03
2020.…………. 31,377,704.69……… 1,302,170.10 0.04
2021…………… 35,416,141.10……… 4,038,436.41 0.13
For Police and Fire, overtime may be included.
Fire received $7,500 and
Police received $6,500 in relief funds for essential workers.
Other things to consider:
 (1) An employee may have applied for a different position where the pay rate is higher than the old position.
(2) An employee may have gone from part-time to full-time or vice-versa.
(3) Some of the increase may be due to the longevity pay increases given in 2021. 1% for each year of service up to 20% for 20 years. Credit also given for time worked outside the city in a similar position.
This doesn’t include benefits or retirement. It could include sick time or vacation time bought back. Also severance pay.
Council has a wage study out right now for non-union employees – to compare wages with other cities.
Wages at this level, without increases to revenues, may be unsustainable without future levies.
And, a reason why the city has no or few other services – parks, recreation, etc.
The mayor approved of and Council voted for these increases.
I alphabetized the employees by name. You can use find in the excel spreadsheet to search by name – or just scroll through.
If anything looks odd, please ask and I’ll see if I can get an answer Kathryn Kennedy ( you  can contact Kathryn through  this blog) 
Financial File Link   found below  click on link ( blue)  ..
Please note  2018 and 2019 were the wages under the Ritenauer Administration … 2020- 2021  are the costs under the Bradley Administration 
Also , we have  the other part of the equation that of the finacials of the residents of Lorain.
Note:  with  the Covid Years we have had in 2020- 2021 you  know those numbers have in all likelyhood  changed and not for the better. 

 Kathryn Kennedy :

Reformatted the wage spreadsheet.
Median income in the city – $36,139.
Highlighted in red – four times median income. Orange – three times median income. Yellow – two times median income. Green – above median income. No highlighting – below median income.

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  1. Dale says:

    Thank you so much for the info I’m just taken aback with all this financial payments. We need to keep an eye on these guys. It’s a big click and they’re robbing Us blind


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