Charter Information Info COLP-FB Part 1.

Information provided by City of Lorain Politics Member Kathryn Kennedy

Here is some general information on city administration/council. All charter cities. What form do you prefer?
I believe the commission already voted to keep mayor/council – with other details to be determined.
Similar sized, Ohio cities, by population:
Lorain – 63,801
1. Youngstown – 64,783
2. Hamilton – 62,182
3. Springfield – 59,132
4. Kettering – 55,390
5. Elyria – 53,821
6. Lakewood – 50,259
City managers typically have relevant experience and degree requirements
1. Youngstown
Mayor – elected
7 council members – elected by ward
Compensation of mayor by ordinance. Council – $27,817.24 annually
2. Hamilton
Council/city manager
6 council at large, plus mayor – elected
Compensation – $300 annually – council members and mayor. Mayor may receive additional based on ordinance
City manager – appointed by council
3. Springfield
City commission/city manager
Commission – 5 members, including mayor – elected at large
Compensation – $2,500 annually
City manager – appointed by commission
4. Kettering

City of Kettering Charter

Council/city manager
7 council members, one of which is mayor – 4 from districts, 3 at large (including the mayor)
Compensation – $8,000 for council members. $12,000 for Mayor
City manager – appointed by council
5. Elyria
11 members on council – 7 wards, 4 at large
Compensation set by council
6. Lakewood

Click to access Third-Amended-Charter-of-the-City-of-Lakewood-as-amended-by-the-electorate-11052019.pdf

7 members on council. 4 from wards. 3 at large
Civil service commission recommendation for compensation
Key issues:
Mayor/city manager?
Number on council – redraw wards?
Number of years to serve
Bonding of officials
Hold other public offices?
Ethics – removal for lack thereof
Professional qualifications of city manager
More detail in the city charter links.

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